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Jun 20 – 22, 2024

Fox Watch

The anniversary of the birth of George Fox offers a valuable point for reflection by historians, archivists and others to consider the life and times of Fox as well as his legacies, and a coming together of new and exciting ideas around Friends and their history. In partnership with New Garden Meeting, Deep River Friends Meeting will have televised seminars and panel discussions with Quaker Archivist and Historians … experts on George Fox. Come join us in the Fellowship Hall…
Jun 25, 2024

Bible Study

Join us each Tuesday around 11 am, as we study the Bible, led by Pastor Philip Raines. Each week, we delve deeply within, a chapter in the Scriptures, and study its historical and theological complexity. Philip in his own unique and humorous way, explains the hidden meaning behind the text, using his both his study and experiences in the Middle East. (No reservations required, no shirt, no shoes, no problem, 90 minutes)
Jul 6, 2024

Car Wash