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Online Giving

Online Giving

Thank you for your partnership in ministry with us.

We’re grateful for financial gifts that allow Deep River Friends Meeting to continue the work of accomplishing God’s mission and vision for our church. Your generosity makes a difference at Deep River Friends and in our community.

If you have questions about online giving please email the church office.

FAQs for Stewardship at Deep River

Here are some frequently asked questions related to giving and stewardship at Deep River Friends Meeting.

Can I see a financial/treasurer’s report?

Yes. Each month, a financial/treasurer’s report is presented at our Monthly Meeting for Business (second Thursday). Copies are handed out and an opportunity is given for attenders to ask questions. They can also be provided at your request by simply contacting the office at 336-454-1928 or by email.

Are my donations recorded for tax purposes?

Yes. Each Monday, the offering is counted and contributions are recorded in a program called “PowerChurch.” Donations given electronically, on Sunday morning or by mail are counted and then the amounts are applied to the respective households in “PowerChurch.” At the beginning of each new year, giving statements for tax purposes are provided around the end of January.

What is the benevolence fund?

The Benevolence Fund is a fund set up to provide financial assistance for folks outside or within the meeting. It’s at the pastor’s discretion and often in consultation with the folks in need. All transactions are kept confidential to protect the privacy of those in need. The monthly balance is reported at the Monthly Meeting for Business. Donations can be made to the Benevolence Fund.

How are the “day-to-day” financial operations handled?

Amber Hardin Beasley is the Meeting Treasurer and handles paying bills as well as preparing the monthly reports. Ruth Washam, Meeting Secretary, makes the weekly deposit. A payroll service (Flex-Pay) manages the payment of staff salaries.

Who oversees the management and disbursement of endowment funds?

This is managed by the Trustees of Deep River Friends Meeting. The trustees are made up of Claire Wilson, Tommy Hardin and Dan Allen. An annual report is made to Monthly Meeting regarding the Trustees/Endowment Funds.