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News (Page 46)

News (Page 46)

Flowers and Food

Don’t forget, if you are signed up to provide flowers for Sunday morning, you can also provide a basket of food in lieu of flowers. On Monday, we’ll take the basket of food and donate it to “Hand to Hand Pantry”. Bonita Schaal is also coordinating an opportunity for friends to give their loose change (and dollars) throughout the month and she will use that to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for “Hand to Hand” Pantry.

Leslie’s House

On the second Tuesday of each month, Deep River Friends prepares and delivers food to Leslie’s House. Leslie’s House is a women’s homeless shelter in High Point. We rely on individuals and/or groups in the meeting to take a Tuesday. November and December are available. If you are able to do so, please contact the office. You would be preparing for 25 women. Thanks!

Founders Day

The annual Founders Day will be Sunday, November 6th. Following our meeting for worship, we will have our Founders Day Carry In. This is a special day as we celebrate the founding of Deep River Friends and it’s ongoing story that continues to live on through the lives of each one of us. Invite friends that you know are searching for a church home. We would love to share with them the story of Deep River Friends!

Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival will be on October 30 beginning at 4:00 p.m. We will crafts, games and snacks for all! You may come dressed in your costumes or just as yourself. If you want to participate in the Trunk or Treating, please remember we have a few goblins that have allergies to nuts. You may decorate your trunk if you like or you can just hand out treats. If you can help with games or snacks, please let Susie know.

Vision Sunday / Oct. 23

Sunday, Oct. 23, will have a specific focus at Deep River Friends. We are calling it “Vision Sunday” and an ad hoc Vision Committee is planning a day in which we give intentional focus to the vision and future of Deep River Friends Meeting. There will be a special emphasis during worship and then following worship there will be a carry-in lunch. During this lunch we will be inviting folks to give input regarding their hopes, dreams and desire for…

BBQ Thanks

A big “thanks” to everyone who helped with the Fall BBQ. It takes many folks participating to make it a success. Thanks to all who helped in a variety of ways.

Guest Speaker Oct. 9

This weekend, Oct. 9-11, Scott will be in Iowa as the speaker/leader for the Iowa Yearly Meeting Pastor’s Retreat. He will be back Tuesday evening, Oct. 11. Next Sunday, Sara Beth Terrell will bring the prepared message during Meeting for Worship.