Inclement Weather Announcement (Jan. 8)

Inclement Weather Announcement (Jan. 8)

Good Afternoon Friends…

Due to the significant snowfall and forecast for a continued hard freeze and extremely cold temperatures in the morning, we have decided to CANCEL all activities (i.e., Sunday School, worship, book study) at Deep River Friends for tomorrow.

We invite you to take the time and opportunity to rest, relax, enjoy time with friends and family…truly see tomorrow as a “sabbath” experience where you can just be. Given the busy holiday schedules, it’s a great time to allow our souls to catch up with our lives and bodies. Enjoy the day and the beauty of the snow!

If you do know someone in our meeting that is not on internet or does not have access to email, please give them a call and inform them of the decision.

If you would still like to give tomorrow towards our regular offering, you can go to the link below and do so through our Online Giving on our website:

Blessings to all and we hope to see you next Sunday at Deep River Friends!