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“What’s New With You?”

“What’s New With You?”

This past Sunday I spoke on Isaiah 43:18-19.  In that Scripture we read these words:  “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”  This Scripture always lends itself well to the new year.  It speaks to the very things we think about when a new year begins…moving beyond the old year, forgetting what has happened, moving forward in life, embracing new beginnings.

The unique quality of this Scripture is that it reminds us that God is up to something in our lives – God is doing a new thing!  The challenge is that we often don’t see or perceive the “new thing” God is doing because we tend to dwell on the past…past mistakes, past failures, past experiences.  We even dwell on the past “way of doing things” even if the way we are doing it is not good or healthy.

God invites us to look forward…to look to the “new” that God is bringing into our lives.  And because of God’s love for us we can trust that this “new” that God is bringing is good for us.  The new year gives us an opportunity to get “unstuck” from those things that seem to be holding us back.  Quite possibly, God is doing something new in our life at this moment but we just can’t see it or perceive it because we’re dwelling too much on the past.

Let me encourage you to move beyond your past.  Remember it, honor it, learn from it but don’t get stuck in it.  Don’t live in it.  Begin to see and embrace the “new” that God wants to do in your life this year…this week…this very day!

For the next week, I want to look at this verse in Isaiah from some different angles, asking the question, “What’s New with You?”  How are you growing?  How are you maturing?  How are you becoming a different person?  A changed person?  Where do you need to get “unstuck” from and begin moving forward?  What’s new with you?