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Weekly “Feet to Faith”

Weekly “Feet to Faith”

This week’s “Feet to Faith” is based on yesterday’s Prepared Message, “The Spiritual Life in Real Time” and the Scripture text, John 14:15-26.

Much happens in “real time” these days. You can track a family member’s flight in “real time.” You can watch something live on Facebook in “real time.” You can even track a package from Amazon in “real time” and know when it arrives at your house.

Often, our spiritual life is focused either on “past time” or “future time.” We look back to a moment in time in which we had an encounter with Christ and the sum total of our spiritual life is focused on that one moment. Or, we look forward to a future promise in the afterlife that offers us an eternal home with God after we die.

Both of these are important and true, but we often forget that there is a spiritual life to be lived in “real time” during our daily and ordinary activities and schedule. The late author, Brennan Manning, once wrote:

Faith in the present risenness of Jesus carries with it life-changing implications for the gritty routine of daily life.

The reality is that the Living Christ seeks to live in an interactive friendship and companionship with us in the context of our daily lives. This means that the Living Christ is seeking to guide, lead, counsel, teach, comfort, and even correct us as we go about our daily activities.

As you move into this week, reflect on how you can live your spiritual life in “real time” and not just on Sunday morning. Consider the following suggestions…

  1. Pay attention to your leadings…to the nudges and hunches that come your way through the Spirit. How are you being led? What insights, ideas, opportunities is the Spirit leading you towards?
  2. Allow the Spirit to teach you what you need to know. Quakers often talk about how Christ has come to teach his people himself. Our best teacher on the spiritual life resides with us continually and dwells within us. What is the Living Christ teaching you?
  3. Be open to correction and counsel by the Spirit. Often my greatest times of growth have come from honest self-reflection prompted by the Spirit. This is all an act of grace as I know God has my best interests at heart and does this for my good. How is the Spirit convicting and correcting you?

Reflect on these words from the Gospel of John:

The Companion, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I told you.

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