The Wagoner Wing

The Wagoner Wing

Worthington Friends Church (Kingston, Jamaica) announces “The Wagoner Wing”

The following was shared by Worthington Friends Church – a church planted by Pastor Scott Wagoner’s parents:

Bill Wagoner had a God-inspired vision to plant Worthington Friends Church in the 1960s. Construction has begun to refurbish and expand the existing “Annex.” The refurbished annex will be named “The Wagoner Wing” as a way to honor Bill and Joyce Wagoner. The plan is to have The Wagoner Wing completed so that we can hold the dedication and naming ceremony during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Worthington Friends Church on December 2, 2018.

The Wagoner Wing, with two self-contained mini-suites, will provide reasonably priced accommodations for travelers and an additional stream of income for the church. Each room will include sleeping arrangements for 1-6 people, a private bath, shower and mini-kitchenette.

We are inviting you to join us in honoring Bill and Joyce Wagoner with a monetary contribution toward our goal of $12,500 to complete The Wagoner Wing. We wish to thank them for their vision and lifetime of dedicated service to Jamaica Yearly Meeting, Friends United Meeting and the wider body of Friends.

Deep River Friends Meeting is accepting online donations for this project: