Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

Dear Friends,

The tiny home concept is gaining ground across the country. This alternative to the larger, traditional living space can be the perfect solution for individuals, couples, or even small families that care less about size and mass and more about efficiency and autonomy. They aren’t for everyone, but for those who need less or don’t have that much to begin with, they can be the perfect solution to the dilemma of means versus need. After all, a home doesn’t have to be defined by square footage.

In High Point alone, there are around 800-900 homeless people who define “home” by wherever they find to lay their head on any given night. This lack of consistent, adequate housing perpetuates a cycle of drift when you have nothing to ground you.

What if we made tiny homes available to our homeless? And what if we didn’t just provide a safe, secure place to shelter from the elements but also support to overcome life’s storms at the same time?

This is where we can help. Tiny House Community Development lnc. is proposing to build a small community of tiny homes in an area on Hays Street in High Point. Currently, there is an abandoned house sitting on the property that needs some asbestos removed, after which the fire department will burn it down. This lot and the one beside it have already been donated. Tiny homes can be built on these two lots (zoning has been approved) at a cost of around $30,000 each. Ten homes will fit easily on these two lots. The homes will not only provide a place to call home, but grouping them together can create a diverse and rich community in the process. A community garden will be set on the lot, as well.

There are several Quaker meetings in the larger High Point area that would only have to invest around $3,000 per meeting to support one of these homes and the person who occupies it. It’s not enough just to build the tiny house -corporations could easily do that without much investment. But that only solves the issue of housing. Tiny House Community Development lnc. is I.ust as interested in supporting the individuals living in these homes break that cycle of drift and build self-sustaining lives in the process. Again, with sharing the building and expense of one house and one person among several meetings, the load won’t be that great, Tiny House Community Development lnc. would instruct us on what is needed in terms of volunteers to build the homes, materials, and needs for the occupant. With several meetings joining together, we would bring a wealth of resources to the proj.ect, from construction skills to people skills. This way we provide support for the whole person and not just one aspect of their life. And we may just find new Friends in the process.

Claire Wilson and Cameron Green, members of Deep River Friends, serve on the Tiny House Community Development lnc. Board Please consider this project and then let either one know if you have any questions or if your meeting is interested in participating. You may reach Claire Wilson at 336-688-4067 or Cameron Green at 336-687-4450.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

ln Peace,
Claire Wilson
Cameron Green
Board Members, Tiny House Commnunity Development, Inc.