The Power of Imagination, Creativity, and Teamwork

The Power of Imagination, Creativity, and Teamwork

This past Saturday was the Fall BBQ at Deep River Friends. Given the recent ice storm and the fact the meetinghouse didn’t have power, no one was really sure how this was going to be pulled off. We were supposed to start serving at 5pm. As of Saturday morning, the pork was ready and the weather was clear…but still no power.

As the day unfolded, I began to witness an amazing display of creativity and ingenuity as those involved weren’t going to let an ice storm damper the moment. As the ideas began to roll, propane tanks and candles began to show up. Extra cookers to cook outside arrive. Those serving inside showed up with a “can do” attitude and a willingness to make it work. The lights finally did come on at 6:30pm…with 30 minutes of serving time left. But for 90 minutes, you would not have known that an ice storm had created some challenges in pulling off the dinner.

I loved watching the teamwork and the partnering that folks engaged in to make it happen. It made me think about the wonderful creativity, imagination, and teamwork we possess to solve other problems and challenges around us. Not just the ones within our fellowship but the ones within our community as well. What if we applied this same creativity, imagination, and teamwork to…

  • The problem of violence within our communities
  • The issue of homelessness within our city
  • The loneliness of the elderly and single persons within our community
  • Those struggling with unemployment…the under-resourced
  • Families and marriages that struggle!
  • Providing a sense of meaning and hope for our young people

The list could probably go on…and it will continue. But we are given, by God, this amazing gift of being able to imagine a better future, to create using our resources and gifts, and to join together in mutual ministry to make it happen (teamwork)

Thanks, Deep River Friends, for the wonderful lesson and encouragement on Sunday!