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The Beginning of Advent and Star Wars…May the Awakening Force Be With You!

The Beginning of Advent and Star Wars…May the Awakening Force Be With You!

I found it timely that the trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out this past week just as we were entering in to Advent. The title of the trailer was, “The Force Awakens”. As the trailer begins, you hear these words: “There has been an awakening. Can you feel it?”  Advent is about “awakening”. It is about being “awake” to the coming of the Living Christ. Over 2,000 years ago, there was an “awakening” when God entered this world enfleshed in the person of Jesus. The incarnation was the “big awakening” as folks were told to look around and realize that the Kingdom of God was at hand. They were invited to “wake up” to a new reality…a new way of thinking. Jesus would show them the way in to this new reality…and he continues to do so.

As the Star Wars trailer says, there has been an awakening. Can you feel it?  Can you feel it in your heart? Can you feel it in your soul? Advent offers us the time and space to open ourselves up to that awakening feeling…of feeling fully alive and present to the Living Christ in our midst. Christmas and Advent offers us “miracle moments” that wake us up to the presence of love, compassion, grace, and mercy in the midst of brokenness.

Kathy Solomon posted a story on her Facebook page yesterday (Sunday, November 30) that speaks to one of these miracle moments. Here it is in her own words:

“Eddie and I finalized the emptying of the storage area that had been used by Chandler. The manager of the storage facility was on the property getting some of her own personal items from a storage room and when she initially addressed us, she appeared quite snippy and stand-offish. When we were leaving, she stopped us to apologize for her tone and what she thought, rudeness. She explained that while in her own storage unit, she had come upon a box that was full of memory items from several family members that she has lost which completely broke her to tears and sobbing…..she had just come out of her storage unit when she saw us. A reminder for us not to be quick to judge people by how they behave….you never know what people are going through which directs their behavior in the moment….they could be coming from a place of pain and hurt… are not walking in other people’s shoes….don’t be hasty to judge and form your own opinion….the situation may be completely different from what it appears.”

Kathy and Eddie were “awakened” to the reality of empathy and the need to show people grace. We never do know what they may be going through. They were awakened to the reality of how quickly we can judge people without hearing their story. Thankfully, Kathy and Eddie could be there for this woman in her moment of pain and grief.

Advent has much to teach us…if we are willing to listen and be present. This Advent season, make a space for grace in your life. Be present to the moments. Know that Christ has come and is present among us throughout our day. Be ready to be awakened…and may the awakening force be with you!