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Listening for God in our Lives

Listening for God in our Lives

This morning we are not having meeting for worship at Deep River Friends due to the wintry weather. It may seem strange to some to not be gathered in a place for worship but maybe it can help teach us about being present where we are and how God can speak to us through the moment.
Having a place to gather to worship is a wonderful gift but maybe an even greater gift is knowing that God meets us in our everyday, ordinary experiences. Think about it. God interacted with the first humans in a garden. Jesus revealed himself to the two men on the road to Emmaus as they sat, ate, and broke bread. God visited the early church community in Acts as they gathered together, shared a meal, and shared their lives. God meets us right where we are and often in the most ordinary of moments. The question is, am I present to the moment and paying attention to the possibility of God showing up? How is God being revealed to me in the every day?
As you go through this day, listen to your soul. Listen to your life. What have the previous days taught you about yourself? How is God speaking to you in the midst of snow days and cabin fever and adjusted schedules? What blessings have you experienced? How has the slower pace of life affected you? What has the slower pace taught you? As Bob Dylan sang: “In the fury of the moment I can see the Master’s hand. In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand.” How have you experienced the “Master’s hand” in the “fury of the moment”?
Maybe our greatest growing edge spiritually is to simply pay attention. Life can be so distracting that we are literally being pulled apart in our soul. We are being pulled in ever direction and we lack the solid center that enables us to engage what truly matters. Listen deeply as to how God is inviting you to recover that solid center. Pay attention to the promptings, nudgings, and hunches in your soul. Listen to your life and what it speaks to you. It might be that in all of the ordinary, the very reality of God will be revealed to you in that moment.