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Gift Cards and Monthly Meeting…This Week At Deep River Friends

Gift Cards and Monthly Meeting…This Week At Deep River Friends

As we begin a new week, a couple of opportunities exist in which you can participate and give your input and offer your presence.

Gift Cards for Dave and Kat Smith

As most of you know, Orion Wayne Smith entered this world on Sunday, November 2 at Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem. He is the new son of Dave and Kat Smith. Orion came a little earlier then planned. He was born premature at 25 weeks. He is receiving wonderful care in the NICU at Forsyth Hospital. Of course, Dave and Kat (and big sister Autumn) are spending as much time with Orion as possible. This means daily trips to and from the hospital which also means the need for gas as well as grabbing a bite to eat. For this reason, the meeting is holding a “Gift Card Shower” for Dave and Kat. We’re inviting everyone to give a “Gift Card” (food, fuel, or simple Visa card) towards this journey with Orion. You can drop them by the meeting office during the week or bring them to meeting the next two Sundays. We’ll give these to Dave and Kat as we receive them. Thanks in advance for all your gifts and keep praying for Orion!

Monthly Meeting for Business

Our next Monthly Meeting for Business will be this coming Thursday, November 13th, beginning at 7PM. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall. Quakers have always understood this experience as a meeting for worship with the purpose of conducting business. We gather in a spirit of worship as we seek God’s wisdom, leadings, and will. We invite all members/attenders to join us in this experience of worship. We value everyone’s input as well as your prayers.

One of the Agenda items will be a follow-up report regarding North Carolina Yearly Meeting concerns. Over the last few months, there have been a number of concerns within our Yearly Meeting that have been raised and discussed both at Yearly Meeting sessions and the recent Representative Body session. At both gatherings, there was much discussion without much resolve. Presently, there is a committee within the Yearly Meeting working on a way forward and discerning recommendations and “next steps” regarding the issues. A few of these “next steps” were shared at the last Representative Body. We will update Friends on these at our next Monthly Meeting for Business.

“Love Without Pretending”

In meeting for worship yesterday (November 9), we looked briefly at Romans 12:9 which reads, “Love without pretending.” A good focus for the week is to ask, How can I love sincerely those closest to me? This might be a family member, a good friend, or even a meeting member. It might simply be someone you meet this week that is in need or needs a listening presence. Love without pretense. Don’t fake love. Offer authentic love through an act of service. Our world needs love that is genuine and not artificial…a love that isn’t always looking for something in return.

Have a Blessed Week!