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Feet to Faith: Oct. 15-21

Feet to Faith: Oct. 15-21

This past week the prepared message was entitled, “Livin’ the Dream” and taken from Luke 4:14-21. Below is the link to the message…

In this message, I touched on how the good news that Jesus announced is that the Kingdom of God is at hand. This term “kingdom of God” can also be described as God’s dream for creation. As this quote describes:

“…the kingdom of God is God’s vision for the world, what the world would be like if people lived out God’s will, God’s way for humanity. God kingdom of God is the best possible world God can imagine…God has provided a way for us to see this dream become a reality: through Jesus…to see this become a reality we must dream the dreams of God. We must imagine the world as it can be. flowing with justice and peace and bursting with flourshing life.”

( Sermon, Modren Mennonite Church, 10/30/16)

Since we are created in the image of God, we are able to dream the same dreams God has for creation. We are able to imagine the best possible world and the way to this end is to live in the way of Jesus…both through what he taught us and what he shows us in his life.

As you go through your week, reflect on these queries…

  • What would the world look like to you if everyone lived out God’s will? What would our lives look like if we lived out God’s will?
  • How do our lives need to change direction or what do we need to rethink in order to make this “best possible world” happen?
  • What do you dream for society? For your community? For your own journey with friends and family?

In his book, Wide Awake, author Erwin McManus writes:

“When you begin to create the life of your dreams – or maybe better stated, then you begin to live the life that God dreams for you – you take responsibility to prepare the future. This is your life and on one else’s – so own it. It’s your responsibility to maximize your capacity, to take an inventory of who you are and to understand how God designed you, to harness all the talent and skills God has placed in you, and to recognize that you will not be measured against anyone else’s life but your own. Then you are ready to embrace your role in human history to create a better world.”

What does it mean for you to embrace that call and help create a better world? 


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