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Deep River Friends Meeting Blog and Connecting

Deep River Friends Meeting Blog and Connecting

Greetings Friends!
There’s a good chance that most of you didn’t know that there is a “Deep River Friends” blog. That’s okay, we have not used it very much. But, since we have it, we would like to implement it more and use it as a resource for the meeting. I envision it being used in the following ways:

  • Weekly articles that pertain to the life and mission of Deep River Friends
  • Important updates and announcements
  • Inspirational quotes and articles from guest bloggers (Yep! If you would like to offer an article some thoughts, let me know)

These are just some of the ways we would like to use blog as a way to keep folks connected and informed. Some weeks there may only be one post. Other weeks, there may be more than one post. You can check back at the blog at your convenience. You can also access it through our website or our Facebook page.

Our main goal is to keep folks connected. It’s easy to get disconnected through the week and lose touch with one another and ourselves. We hope the blog can be a positive way of nurturing connection.

Keeping Connected! ~ Scott