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“Deep River Friends” – A Poem by Jenny Sarvis

“Deep River Friends” – A Poem by Jenny Sarvis

The following is a poem written by Jenny Sarvis. It’s a beautiful picture of Deep River Friends in it’s simplicity. Thank you Jenny for taking the time to put your thoughts on paper.

It’s not much to talk about
Some even drive right by.
Never to notice.

It sits tranquil
As if to spectate
The world gone awry.

Three busy streets define,
Stores wanting time and your soul.
Appointments, must have, have to’s
The wrong kind of rush.

This simple and quiet oasis looks on.
It holds powers of peace, simplicity.
Truth’s lay within.

Can’t they see?
Why won’t they slow down?

Souls are welcome to look up.
Rest. Center down. Listen. And know.

Every answer to every question is here. God is here.

Deep River Friends Meeting

~ Composed by Jenny Sarvis