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Checking Our Pulse

Checking Our Pulse

This Sunday, May 19, Deep River Friends will be having their congregational meeting in regards to our Pulse Check survey we took back in January. As you might recall, back in January we took a survey during meeting for worship that invited those attending to give responses to a variety of questions. We had good participation and great responses concerning how you all felt we could make Deep River Friends a better place to worship and serve.

We have already had a small Focus Group from the meeting participate in a conversation regarding the results. Now, we are inviting the whole meeting to participate. This will be this Sunday afternoon, May 19. We will have a carry-in meal after meeting for worship so we can spend some time together and then around 1:15pm or 1:30pm, we will have a conversation about the survey results. Darrin Allen from the yearly meeting office will facilitate this conversation. We aim to be done by 3pm.

I can’t stress enough how important your presence is at this gathering. We value the input of everyone’s voice (member / non-member / attender) as we seek to discern God’s “next steps” for us as a meeting and a congregation. The survey results will give us ample information to respond too and will illicit more responses and ideas as the afternoon goes on. Our hope is to use this gathering as a way to discern our “next steps” as a meeting so we can become even more fruitful in our life together and our serving.

That’s this Sunday, May 19, at the rise of meeting! Hope to see you there.